Innovation Teaching was founded by Steven Francisco, a member of the 2003 NYC Teach for America corps. Innovation Teaching was formed to create and bring to market Jeven — a system developed by Mr. Francisco to track and adapt to his students’ needs. Since its founding, we have branched out to create other products, such as Leveled Library, and provide consulting services to schools having data analysis needs.

Major Events Timeline:

  • 2004: Founder develops Jeven prototype during summer break.
  • 2004-2006: Founder tests Jeven with 25-30 English Language Learner third graders in the South Bronx.
  • 2006: Planning for Innovation Teaching begins.
  • 2007: Innovation Teaching formed. Jeven product development begins. Pilot programs launched in NYC and Boston.
  • 2008: Leveled Library product development begins.
  • 2009: Consulting services begin. Sales offered outside of New York City. Leveled Library testing begins.
  • 2010: EduARC is acquired from Eligos Research, llc.
  • 2011: EduARC and Leveled Library are Launched on Google Apps Marketplace for Education.